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Aaron had constant upper back and neck pain for 10 years from motocross injuries
he sustained growing up. He thought he would have to live with the pain for the rest of his life
until he came to see Dr. Jung in Irvine.

Carley lifted a lady when she was 18 years old and injured her low back and it never resolved
until she started getting adjusted by Dr. Jung in Irvine. Now she push herself to her limits
as an athlete.

Dr. Jung is more than a terrific chiropractor.  He's a compassionate and knowledgeable preventative wellness  professional.  Dr. Jung has helped me so many times over the past 5 years with my chronic back pain.  Upon my first visit, he took the time to take x-rays and explain the findings in a way I understood.  I never feel rushed in his office.

As a yoga instructor (studying yoga therapy for chronic conditions), I still see Dr. Jung regularly for not only adjustments but also for nutrition/wellness advice.  As yogis say, "you're only as healthy as your spine."  Take the leap of faith and see Dr. Jung for you and your family's preventative wellness care.  I did.

Sarah C.
San Clemente, CA

Dr. Jung is a great and caring chiropractor. I have been going to him for over a year now and still continue to go every week for regular back adjustments. He helps me relieve all the stiffness, neck, and back pains resulting from my scoliosis. He is really flexible with schedules and very understanding when you need to cancel an appointment. I recommend him for anyone who needs a chiropractor!

Sarah L.
Irvine, CA

Dr. Jung is awesome! He is very passionate about his practice. It definitely shows in the care he provides every patient. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Jung if you need a great and friendly chiropractor.

Fiel G.
Irvine, CA

I met Dr. Jung at the BBX Health and Fitness Expo a few months ago. Although I had been to Chiropractors before, I never had any of them take the time to do X-Rays and really find out what was going on with my neck and spine. Dr. Jung was able to spell out a rehab plan and so far I am enjoying the relief from a chronic stiff neck. Plus he discovered deterioration in my discs. That can't be good! We will soon compare my before and after X-Rays and I love that I will be able to see the difference he has made as well as already greatly benefiting from the way I feel!

I am a fitness instructor, so it is paramount that I am able to have mobility and joint flexibility without discomfort so that I can do what I do!

Thanks Dr. Jung!

Sabrina I.
Mission Viejo, CA

If you want a doctor that genuinely cares about your health, you need to go see Dr. Jung!  Prior to seeing Dr. Jung I would get migraine headaches 2-3 times a week. I honestly thought I had a brain tumor!  I tried just about every pain medication you can think of and nothing would make the pain go away. I saw 3 different medical doctors, including a neurologist, and none of them could find anything wrong with me. All 3 doctors doctor's just wrote me a prescription and sent me on my way.  That's when I decided to go see Dr. Jung.  After just a couple of appointments with Dr. Jung, my headaches were gone! And without the need of any pain medications!  I highly recommend Dr. Jung to anyone first of all, and especially to anyone who suffers from migraine headaches.  It's been over two years since I've had a migraine, I think that says it all.

Mike M.
Huntington Beach, CA

I had lower back pain for several years, and just did not have time (I know it's an excuse) to get it treated. I have tried another chiropractic before coming here, with no luck. My girlfriend purchased a Yelp deal for me, so that's how I ended up here.

Dr. Jung will really care for you. He cares about your well-being, and will listen and explain thoroughly. He is very gentle and will do his best to make you feel comfortable when he is treating your back. Plus he is a great guy to talk to too.

Yoojin S.

I was in a car accident that caused me to feel soreness and stiffness in my back and neck.  After a couple months with Dr. Jung, I felt absolutely great--- better than before the accident.  I was sleeping better and my whole body just felt more loose and relaxed.

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Jung.  He is super friendly and knowledgeable and was accommodating to my busy work schedule.  He's also very accessible via email and phone.  Even without the Yelp deal, his cash prices are very affordable and he won't overtreat or overcharge you.

Peter P.
Orange County, CA

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Jung! I have always been nervous to go to a chiropractor but from my very first visit he made me feel so calm and explained everything in layman's terms. I see him once a week for adjustments to relieve tension and tingling in my arms. He always makes himself available if you need a last minute adjustment and is very flexible with his schedule. Throughout your visit, he makes you feel like a friend rather than just another patient. The experience is always pleasant and I always look forward to visiting.

Natalie C.
Irvine, CA

Before I came to see Dr. Jung, I was having random and reoccurring back spasms that would seem to last for a week at a time, or longer.  The wife finally talked me into visiting a chiropractor.  So glad she did.  After a few sessions with Dr. Jung the pain started to go away.  I have now been seeing the good doctor for a while and not since have I had any of those debilitating back spasms.  Not only does he have an excellent table-side manner, but he believes in thoughtfully educating his patients as well.  At one of our first sessions he threw on a quick DVD and then explained some basics about the back/neck/all that.  

I would highly recommend Dr. Jung and Back to Wellness Chiropractic!

Scott B.
Long Beach, CA

I love going here. Dr. Jung is the kind of doctor that is compassionate and makes a trip a delight instead of a chore. He takes his time to explain things as best as he can so you are fully aware of what is going on. He talks to you in a very buddy way, kind of like a good barbershop, he remembers you as a person, he even suggests other home-remedies for other things you may be experiencing. All in all he is just a fantastic care-giver and giving him business just seems right. He works with your schedule really well and works out a financial program to fit your needs as well. Go to him, he may make your life better.

Bryan D.
Irvine, CA

Dr. Jung was very thorough in giving me a full consultation and took his time offering suggestions and putting together a corrective adjustment plan.  Since my insurance doesn't cover chiropractic care, he was amenable to putting together a package for a rate I could financially handle.  He was more concerned with me getting proper care, than skipping adjustments because it was out of my price range. I could also drop in without an appointment and be seen almost immediately.  I would highly recommend Dr. Jung.  You will get excellent care!  I don't think you can find a better chiropractor for such a great deal, and really is focused on first things first....YOUR Health!  :-)

Gracie L.
Irvine, CA

I travel to Costa Mesa about twice a week and I sometimes get a sharp pain in my lower back and it's hard to move around. One day in Costa Mesa I had that pain come back, and I had no choice but to find a chiropractor and now. I called all over and nobody would fit me in at such a short notice but then I found Back to Wellness Chiropractic and called. Dr. Jung told me I could come in right now. Perfect, I'm on my way!

Dr. Jung has helped me greatly reduce my lower back pain and the treatments I do have really eased the pain and improved my quality of life. He is great and if you live nearby you should be going to him if your further away it may be worth a trip every now and then.

James G.
Woodland Hills, CA

Dr. Jung is an excellent care provider. I have been seeing him for a very long time now and I suffer from Sickle Cell Disease which causes me to have severe joint pains and inflammation to my joints. I have been under medical care for a very long time and one day, I was blessed to meet with him. My mom actually met him through our foundation and suggested I see him. I have not been the same since then. His staff is excellent and they way they treat you is exceptional! Dr. Jung has helped me stay out the hospital many of times! Because of his knowledge, he can provide such excellent care. It wasn't until I went to see him one day that my perception of him had changed! He was already prov-en to me that he was a caring, compassionate and sincere doctor but when he came to me one day and shared that he had looked up my disease and wanted to educate himself to provide me the best care, that had prov-en to me that he definitely stood out among the rest! Whenever I go into the hospital for crisis, he always call me or my mom to check upon me. (Not man doctors do that). Let me tell you, I am 22 years old and I have been with the same set of doctors not because I have too or because they are the only specialist around, my doctors are approx 30  minutes from where I live but they are the best. They have exceptional educational skills, communication skills, and specialty skills, but most of all: they actually know me and not my chart. This is why Dr. Jung has been added to that ELITE Club! He actually know me as a person, he cares about my health and he is and has always been sincere about me improving my all around healthy lifestyle! Thank you Dr. Jung for being Dr. Jung!

Charon S.
Mission Viejo, CA

After the birth of my second child, I experienced an immense amount of pain from a bulging disc between my shoulder blades that my primary physician and even emergency room medical care was unable to help. I came to Dr. Regan days after my son was born with such intense pain that I could barely stand to be upright for longer than seconds at a time.  Upon sitting up, the pain would immediately radiate up to my head as well as down my back.  It was unbearable.  To endure it, I needed to lay flat on my back and my husband would bring me a 12" by 12" ice bag for me to lie on every hour.  I was in such pain!

I was desperate for help as I did not know how I would be able to care for my newborn son.  Being my second child, I knew all too well how demanding the days and months ahead would be as a nursing mother.  My Uncle referred me to Dr. Regan because he had gotten such great results for a slipped disc in his low back that was resolved under Dr. Regan's care.  I came to Dr. Regan having prior experience with Chiropractic, knowing it was my only hope.  I felt some relief after the first visit, and after daily visits for a few days felt much better, and after a week of alternating day visits I was back to normal.  This was an absolute blessing that enabled me to nurse and hold my newborn son, upright, without the concerns of endangering his health with my needing to ingest heavy pain killers (the ONLY solution modern medicine was able to offer me - and this after a trip to the emergency room and an MRI that revealed the bulging disc).

I will always be grateful for the amazing results Dr. Regan's Chiropractic care is able to produce, as well as his excellent advice for nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle that support a healthy spine.  THANK YOU Dr. Regan!  I brought my husband, my mother, my uncle and my friends to share in his care, in addition to both of my children.

I especially appreciate his gentle care of my children. I bring them in after each big spill they take (as all children do).  I also like to bring them when we return from one of our frequent trips to Big Bear - believing that they benefit from an adjustment after a weekend of hard play, hiking and climbing up boulders - not to mention the long car ride.  They love coming to see Dr. Regan. They actually argue on the drive over trying to negotiate who is going to be treated by him first.

I am comforted to know that they may never experience the problems I have had with my spine as an adult, since they are being treated early - before problems develop. They are beautifully healthy and vibrant children and I am certain Dr. Regan's Chiropractic care and expert advice have strengthened their spines and their immune systems. I would and do recommend Dr. Regan to anyone that is considering Chiropractic care. He is exceptional in his field.

Thank you again Dr. Regan!

Elizabeth B. and Family

KurtisKurtis is a 7 year old boy diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. Kurtis was diagnosed with ADHD by his pediatrician and was scheduled to begin Ritalin therapy to control his symptoms. His mother seeking a second opinion, brought Kurtis to our office in hopes of an alternative treatment. ADHD is characterized by hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, difficulty at focusing on one matter at a time, easy agitation, and overly introverted or overly extroverted personality.

Kurtis_1.jpgAfter a thorough Chiropractic evaluation, a restriction of a part of Kurtis's neck was noted indicating that there may be pressure on the brain stem. This pressure may have been present since birth, due to the birthing process itself. Because of this brain stem pressure, Kurtis would not be consciously aware of the neck pain, yet he would be easily agitated and have an inability to focus. After the first visit, Kurtis's mom noticed a difference in his behavior. After a few weeks of care, Kurtis won an award for being a well-behaved student and currently gets a Chiropractic check-up on a bi-monthly basis.

To date, Kurtis has won 2 student of the month awards!

Alexandra came to see Dr. Jung after a severe car accident. She was in tremendous pain and had daily headaches since the crash. She could not perform simple activities and her goal was to get back her health so she could play badminton again as she was an avid player and a member of the UCI team.

We took the standard series of x-rays as well as 3 dimensional x-rays for a detailed analysis of her upper cervical area.

At the start of care she had a -5 degree curve in her neck which is equivalent to 111% loss of the normal cervical curve. She also had 30mm of forward head posture, which puts a tremendous strain on the spinal joints causing degeneration and also puts pressure on your nervous system, not allowing your body to function properly. After a series of specific, corrective adjustments we restored the normal curve that should be present in every human being. She went from -5 degrees to 29 degrees. We also corrected her forward head posture from 30mm to 9mm in only 3 months.

Alexandra was able to get back to playing badminton at a competitive level and keeps her spine adjusted for good health.


alex-post cs_1.JPG

TaylorTaylor was found to have a curve of his spine at only 14 months old. The medical protocol is a wait and see if the scoliosis progresses and then take action. Taylor's curve progressed to 30 degrees and a brace was prescribed. Going through HMO hell, Taylor's parents dealt with 7 different doctors, all with various opinions. These opinions ranged from immediate surgery, which includes the implant of steel rods, to bracing worn 23 hours a day, all in hopes of straightening the spine. Taylor's parents searched to find a different alternative, and that's what they found in chiropractic.

We used 3-dimensional x-rays for a detailed analysis of Taylor's upper cervical area as well as stress x-rays of his scoliosis.

At the start of care Taylor had scoliotic curves: cervical 10 degrees, thoracic 30 degrees, and lumbar 15 degrees

After 17 treatments over 12 weeks, Taylor's cervical curve decreased to 3 degrees, the thoracic curve decreased to 14 degrees, and his lumbar curve decreased to 11 degrees.

Taylor is now out of his brace and has a good chance of a full recovery!

Yuki complained about daily headaches for 1 month. He tried every drug he could get his hands on and nothing seemed to work, so his boss referred him to Dr. Jung. After 3 adjustments Yuki's headaches were gone, but Yuki wanted more than relief...he wanted correction. So decided to take control of his health and went through the corrective care program to restore his nervous system.

When Yuki first came in he had a 12 degree cervical curve which is equivalent to a 73% loss of the normal cervical curve. He also had 33mm of forward head posture. After 3 months Dr. Jung did a re-exam and re-x-ray to monitor his progress and his cervical curve increased to 34 degrees and he had no more forward head posture.

Yuki has not needed drugs for headaches since!



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